Responsive Website Design

Responsive Design is the new standard for today's website designs

You may have heard about Responsive Design, but are you currently taking advantage of it for your own website?

If this is a new concept, the best way to describe it is having a website that is designed to adjust to any screen resolution automatically. Let’s face it, we are moving in a direction socially and economically where we find ourselves using our smartphones and tablets more and more for personal use (browsing the web) and even making purchases online. Most websites won’t have a problem appearing on these devices – they are just not optimized to look the very best. More importantly they can create user frustration due to navigation issues (having to zoom in to press links, accidental clicks… you get the picture). For the last couple of years, the best way to combat this is to create a “mobile-friendly” version of your website. While this is still very applicable for many clients (i.e. those who focus primarily on heavy visuals/video etc.) and can be an effective tool for their needs… it also is a lot of extra work.

With Responsive Design, you just need to focus on your “one” main website and let the code do the rest.¬†This is a huge benefit to companies who depend on their website for business since it makes managing your content that much easier. Now there is no need to have two versions of your website. This is where we come in – give us a call to discuss your website goals/needs and we can help you determine what is best for you and your organization.

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